Dr. Brooke Steadman was the recipient of the second RANCH award today!  This time the nurses at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital voted on a doctor who exemplifies compassionate and competent patient care, in addition to outstanding collegial and supportive team spirit, on the OB and PHS floors.

Next month Dr. Steadman will nominate a Nurse (with the help of her resident peers), and hand the trophy and golden “crown” off to the next recipient. We will display the trophy in a shadow box near the physician lounge on 4th floor with the recipient’s photo.

The RANCH award is a collaborative effort between Yakima Valley Memorial (YVMH) nursing staff, community providers, and the residency program to foster a culture of communication, collaboration, and respect.

RANCH stands for Residents And Nurses Creating Harmony. The award will be handed off between Family Birthplace, Residents, and Pediatrics. CWFMR provided cupcakes and sandwiches for days and nights today.

Be on the lookout next week when the RANCH KUDOS board appears in the Family Birthplace kitchen. This is an opportunity to recognize Residents for their help and work well done, and for the Residents to recognize nursing as well. Community providers and Hospitalists can also post KUDOS on the board. Yee Haw!