Our Staff

We couldn’t do it without our incredible staff! Please meet them below, and contact them for any inquiries you might have.

Graduate Medical Education

The office of Graduate Medical Education (GME) is located adjacent to the Family Medicine Clinic, making residency support personnel accessible and convenient. We consist of a Residency Scheduler, Recruitment and Community Relations Coordinator, Program Credentialing and Records Technician, Program Services Coordinator and Program Manager. In addition, our Ellensburg site has a dedicated Residency Coordinator to assist with GME administration and support. These key individuals contribute years of historical residency knowledge to CWFM residency operations and administration. In addition to residency knowledge, most of our staff grew up in the region and are happy to share their inside information about navigating the area and activities. We look forward to serving you!

trinity turner - ellensburg

Trinity Turner

Residency Manager

I have a diverse range of past experience in my career so far including; healthcare administration, working as a research assistant, campaign management, and more! Read Bio

Michelle Harding Updated

Christian Mittring

GME Program Coordinator – Scheduling

My professional experience has been in social work and education, including: case management, instructor, research assistant, and graduate teaching assistant. Read Bio


Amy Smith

GME Program Coordinator – Admin Services

I believe in education and want to be part of an organization that supports our community and neighbors. Our mission is to help those in need, and I want to be part of that! Read Bio

Sheila Weber

Sheila Evans

GME Program Coordinator – Credentialing

Sheila has experience as an Executive Assistant and in Administration. She aspires to continually learn and grow and to share positivity and kindness. Read Bio

Sheila Weber

Sitlali Cortes

GME Program Coordinator – Recruitment and Public Relations

I constantly strive to make a difference in whatever I do and working for CWFMR allows me to be a part of something bigger than myself. Read Bio

Sheila Weber

Heather Clerf

GME Residency Program Coordinator

 I’ve been a patient of CHCW for over 15 years, and even served on the board of directors. I know this organization cares for its patients who are our neighbors in this community, and it strives to provide quality service. Read Bio