The Tieton House

The Tieton House has been designated by Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital as residency dedicated workspace. The hospital has collaborated with CWFMR in creating a wonderful environment to both work and relax in. The space includes: an office with private work stations and dual monitors; faculty office, lactation room, conference room, bathroom and living room. While only minutes away from the hospital it also feels like a retreat from the pressures of the pandemic and responsibilities of the inpatient service.

A Remodeled Place for Residents

Written by our 2020-2021 Chief Lead, Josh Johnson, DO.

“Though it’s taken a few months, I am so amazed by the transformation of our residency workspace, Tieton House. Our newest improvement is eight new office chairs, which were provided by CHCW’s Senior Leadership. On behalf of the residents, thank you to the Senior Leadership team!

The best thing about this entire project was that the residents and faculty really came together and contributed their personal time, labor and creativity to turn the space from the dusty upstairs of an old house into a beautiful, enjoyable place to work, learn and relax.

Additionally, I just want to reiterate my gratitude to the following people for their contributions:

  • The ‘soul’ of our workspace is the gorgeous conference room table, hand-built by our very own Dr. Ellingson. He made it from reclaimed old-growth Heart Pine, and it will be the focal point of Tieton House for years to come. Dr. Ellingson also arranged for carpet removal, new flooring in the bathroom and faculty office, as well as professional painting, all of which was drastically needed.
  •  These workstations have made all the difference for the residents and faculty.
  • The sectional sofa in our lounge, which was purchased by Dr. Robertson and has given the residents a place to relax between our hectic shifts.
  • Additional furniture and appliances purchased by Dr. Hill, Dr. Lancaster, Dr. Kirschner and Dr. Miller.
  • The decor, which has been a cumulative effort, but special thanks to class of 2021 resident Sheetal Mehndiratta, for curating pictures of the residents and Jess for the custom ‘CWFM’ and PNW decor.
  • The beautiful mountain-scape art piece made by Chanel, as well as the curtains, shelves and picture frames that she and Jess have put up.
  • The handy-man projects done by Tommy, which were too many to list.
  • The holiday celebrations arranged by Michelle, which was particularly spirit-lifting during the peak of COVID admissions.

Thanks again to every person on this email. I am so happy that we have a fantastic workspace for our residents.”

The Tieton House During The Holidays

For the 2020 holiday season, in lieu of a holiday party, the residents will create fillable bulbs to decorate the tree and receive stockings filled with goodies from the residency Santa.