Mission Statement:

To develop and retain high-quality full-spectrum family medicine physicians, who reflect and serve the diverse patient populations of rural Central Washington, and act as agents of change in the healthcare system.

Vision Statement:

For the people of Central Washington to have equitable access to and receive culturally humble, compassionate, and high-quality holistic healthcare that improves their individual and overall public health outcomes in response to the healthcare gaps of our area


Rural Health Focus

I. To recruit, train and retain a diverse workforce of faculty and resident staff who will reflect and advocate for the communities we serve.  

II. To provide a rigorous longitudinal rural health training program aimed at providing holistic, compassionate, and culturally appropriate care to communities with limited resources. 

III. Obtain and maintain a proactive partnership with local agencies through established affiliation agreements to promote resident service-based learning. 

IV. To respond to rural healthcare gaps through resident interdisciplinary care in inpatient and outpatient settings.  

Full Spectrum Family Medicine

I. Allow for rigorous care-based learning for in-patient, obstetric and family focused outpatient services.  

II. Provide a safe and supportive and inclusive learning environment for residents to learn full spectrum family medicine. 

III. Provide a supportive outer network to improve best practices of our residents and faculty. 

IV. Provide training for residents to facilitate team-based care according to PCMH models.  

Agents of Change

I. Develop longitudinal leadership skills for residents as they engage in the communities they serve. 

II. For our residency program to serve as a catalyst of change in culture, quality, workflow and community engagement of our host organization and affiliated hospital.  

III. Promote resident and faculty advancement of leadership, quality of care, process improvement, research, and public health engagement. 

IV. Reduce physician burnout and promote a culture of wellness to providers, staff, and patients through our residency.