Enjoy Yakima - Resources

Below you will find helpful links and resources for events, gyms, parks, recreation, and more!

Helpful Links

Whether you are looking to hike, go to an arts festival, taste Washington wines and beers, or find the next fun event to attend, you can find most of the links you need here. You can also check out our Enjoy Yakima page for more information.

Recreation and Hiking Resources

Below you will find helpful maps to the most popular hiking trails Yakima has to offer. Feel free to download and print as you wish!

recreation map Yakima
White Pass
Cowiche Canyon Trail
Hiking Trails in Yakima

Get Your Drink On

Below are maps to explore Yakima’s wineries and breweries. Feel free to download and print as you wish!

Wine Trail in Yakima
rattlesnake hills wine map in Yakima
Yakima Craft Beverage Map
Yakima Craft Beverage Map Tour

Yakima Parks and Recreation Program

Please click the image to view the entire brochure. You will find a TON of things to do in Yakima. Everything from aquatics and recreation to youth activities for your children! Please feel free to download the entire brochure!

Yakima Recreation Program Guide 2021