Meet Stephen Pearson, MD


Stephen’s History

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Yale School of Medicine
Residency at Children’s National in Washington, D.C.

Practice Experience:
General pediatrics in community health centers and residency education at CWFM.

Medical Interests:
Practice-based research networks.

Special Professional Interests:
Vaccines, Children with special health care needs.

Professional Accomplishments:
As being part of the AAP I have been able to influence policy for the benefit of children. As part of PROS I have participated in studies where the results have ultimately changed policy and practice for the benefit of children. Was awarded a plaque from PROS for “hottest coordinator” for bringing the best hot sauce to meetings.


My wife Mary Lou Pearson. I like food, dogs and Hispanic culture, hiking, cross country skiing, spending time with family and hot sauce.

Professional organizations / affiliations:

On the board of the Washington chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Coordinator of Pediatrics Research in Office Settings (PROS). Co-Chair of the Central Washington Vaccine Coalition.

Length of time in the medical field:

Graduated Medical school in 1983, Graduated from residency in 1986.

Length of time with CWFM:

Since 2005

Joel Pearson Updated