Our Workshops

Residents become proficient in the skills they need to practice full scope medicine through a variety of workshops offered annually. These hands-on sessions offer an opportunity for collaborative learning while having fun, and are taught by faculty who specialize in these areas as well as professionals from the community.

Nexplanon Insertion Training

All first year residents receive instruction in Nexplanon insertion and management as a part of Women’s Health education.

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment

The program has ACGME Osteopathic Recognition, and emphasizes the four tenets of osteopathic philosophy. Eight 90-minute hands-on OMT workshops are held for both DO and MD residents during Didactics each year.

Sims Lab

The first of many mock patient scenarios in our new SIM lab.

Casting Workshop

Some of our residents during a casting workshop. 

Perineal Repair Workshop

Pictures from one of our Perineal Repair Workshops during didactics.