Clinic Call - CWFMR Rural Program

Our scheduling protocol adheres strictly to resident duty hours rules. Inpatient service work is scheduled in shifts (Clinic Call) with mandatory time off between shifts, allowing adequate time off for residents to rest.

Clinic call is easily covered from home as residents are provided with smart phones, laptop computers and 24/7 access to our electronic medical records system.

Call in Ellensburg

CHCW-E Clinic and Kittitas Valley Healthcare are centrally located – within blocks of each other. Most residents live within an easy commute to and from these practice settings.

How Clinic Call Works in Ellensburg

Clinic Call is divided between the six residents, faculty and other clinic providers.  When taking call you may be responsible for clinic phone call, hospitalized patients, assisting in C-Sections and deliveries as duty hours allow. Our call is low volume, with an average of 3 calls per night. Residents only take call during outpatient rotations in Ellensburg and average 5 weeks of call per year over the three years of residency training.  We have faculty physicians who are always available to provide support for the resident taking call.  ACGME clinical and educational work hour requirements are carefully followed to ensure adequate time off.

BHC and Care Coordinator