Meet Trena Johnson

Program Scheduler

Trena’s History


I have held various roles within the residency program. I began with the residency program in 1994 while the program was still in its formative years. During that time, I was primarily responsible for resident licensing and privileging and recruitment. In 2000 I made the hard decision to leave the program to stay home with my children. During that time, I served as a community and school volunteer. In 2006, I came back to the Residency doing recruitment and resident and faculty scheduling. In 2014 I made the hard decision to leave the Residency again, this time to start my own business. While having my own business was rewarding and challenging, I returned to the Residency in October 2019 as the Program Scheduler.

Spending time with family and friends, reading, hiking, and anything to do with nature and animals.

I aspire to:
Learn and continue to grow in all areas of my life. Most importantly, I aspire to do good and be a good person that people can depend on and that my children can look up to and be proud of.