September 2017 Newsletter

Posted on September 5, 2017 in Monthly Newsletters, Program News

Family Medicine Residents Contribute to the Community

The second year medical residents recently completed a one-month Community Medicine rotation. This rotation focuses on resident community and cultural immersion in Central Washington to promote culturally-sensitive healthcare and community collaboration and activism.

Part of the rotation experience included work on community improvement projects. Drs. Aldaw, Foster, Ish-Shalom and Turner investigated differences in HPV vaccination rates at five WA clinics (Figure 1). Overall, vaccination rates at CWFM and YPA surpassed National averages and were near 2020 National goals. They then initiated focus groups to brainstorm methods to increase local HPV vaccination to 100%.

Figure 1: HPV vaccination rates between clinics and relative to National goals (2020 target). CWFM and YPA are closer to the 2020 vaccination rate goal than the National average. Mad-peds: Madigan Pediatrics; Mad FM: Madigan Family Medicine

Drs. Finn, Thompson and Trickett collaborated with investigators in the CWU Sociology Department to survey provider perceptions on pharmaceutical HIV prophylaxis. Findings from this study are critical in assessing barriers to prescription of the only FDA approved HIV prophylaxis drug in rural communities.

Drs. Kaur, Dhaliwal, Varghese and Nguyen partnered with clean air agencies of Yakima and Kittitas counties to educate community members on the health burdens of air pollution. Further, they developed curriculum and assessment methods to educate children in Kittitas County school system and the community at large.

Figure 2: Drs. Varghese and Nguyen partner with Kittitas County Health Department to educate community members on the dangers and health outcomes of air pollution generated by wood burning.