Residency Corner September 2014

Posted on September 10, 2014 in Featured, Monthly Newsletters

What is our culture of education at CHCW?  As you know, there has been an effort, in response to the annual employee survey, to better understand what our overall culture is.  As part of that I’ve been tasked with the education culture sub-group.


As I’ve noted on many occasions in this newsletter I have a view of what happens with our CHCW educational activities.  I’ve discussed the varieties of learners we have and who teaches them.  I’ve reviewed the myriad of activities that faculty, providers, and staff participate with locally, regionally, and nationally.  Lastly, I’ve noted the background needs for training, our institutional history of training, and funding issues.


But it is time to hear from all of you.  As I travel around and participate with professional development for educational activities I hear a great deal of talk of the culture in which our learners participate.  (And yes, I haven’t noted what I’ve heard as I don’t want to influence anyone’s thoughts.)  But the learner’s aspect is one piece.  How do we – the employees of CHCW – view our educational culture?


We look forward to our first meeting this month. In the next couple of weeks the educational culture group will meet, and as soon as that time is set I’ll send an email out to all inviting anyone to attend.


Russell Maier, MD

Program Director