Residency Corner November 2014

Posted on November 6, 2014 in Featured, Monthly Newsletters

Dr Russell Maier Program Director

October was the start of our 23rd recruitment year. On interview day we meet fourth year medical students we invited to interview with our program. The two days they’ll interview are Wednesdays in Yakima and, if they choose, on Thursday in Ellensburg.

Our first interview day was October 22nd. During the recruitment season we meet medical students interested in our osteopathic program participating in the National Matching Service (osteopathic match), and DO and MD students vying for a spot in our program through the National Residency Matching Program. Each year we end up with some terrific residents, a significant number of whom end up remaining here in the valley to practice following graduation. Although the state has two medical schools, the only new doctors entering practice come out of training programs like ours.

The residency interviews applicants from October thru January. In a typical year we receive 400+ applications, review nearly 200 applications, interview around 100 applicants, and end up with 10 new residents being selected in March. Needless to say, it is a fair amount of work.

Every year staff are critical to our recruitment process. You are one of our most valued assets. We tout the staff as something special about CHCW to the applicants. One can work for any community health center, but here everyone is a teacher. As our applicants travel about the community we often meet other members of CHCW’s clinical family. The time you take with the applicants is critical. As you all know, first impressions are important. Each year we get consistently high marks on our friendliness and the welcome feeling applicants receive.

Thanks for all the work you do greeting and welcoming our applicants.

Russell Maier, MD
Residency Director