Newsletter October 2017

Posted on October 5, 2017 in Monthly Newsletters


Russell Maier – Residency Program Director

Since September we’ve added Carlin Miller, DO; Caitlin Hill, MD; and Midhuna Papazian, MD.  Dr. Miller, one of our graduates, is working as a modern day generalist.  He provides services for Senior Care one day a week, and the remainder of his time he works in the clinic, teaching residents, and delivering obstetrical and medical care in the hospital.  He started in early September.   Dr.’s Hill and Papazian have recently finished high risk obstetrical fellowships and are C/S trained.  They’ll join Dr. Moran in providing that service for our patients.  They start next month. A large part of our success historically, and today, has been offering fulfilling practices to physicians. Our physicians get to teach, work in the hospital, and see patients in clinic and other settings such as a nursing home. Recently, traveling in rural Norway and Scotland, such generalists are the majority of providers, and the backbone of the health system. When we fix the US health system, our family physicians will be critical to that success.

The other great news is we begin our 25th interview season. For over a decade we have been recruiting top notch medical students to train as family physicians and work with rural and underserved populations in Eastern Washington. Our interview season starts October 18 and ends January 10. This recruitment could not occur without the work of all CHCW. Staff in Ellensburg and Yakima are the first folks our resident applicants meet as they enter through the clinic doors. Touring the clinic they meet the nursing staff and others through our system. The hospitals in Ellensburg and Yakima welcome the resident applicants and help us show off where a large part of their training occurs. Our training could not occur without the assistance from all of you who are fundamental to our work training residents. In advance, I want to thank you for the great work you do selling our mission and helping recruit the next generation of physicians.

Russell Maier, MD

Program Director