Newsletter October 2016

Posted on October 10, 2016 in Monthly Newsletters


Russell Maier – Residency Program Director

The benefits of being an educational organization are sometimes surprising. Certainly we produce new physicians, train other health professionals, and benefit from the increased access to care these trainees provide.

But we, the clinic community, benefit in other ways. To teach others, we must be on our game. And virtually every day I learn something new from our residents and students.

But there are other, more intangible benefits. For example, our learners often go above and beyond to help our patients and our broader community.

Jie Casey, one of our Ellensburg residents, took time to come meet with a family in Ellensburg for an end-of-life discussion while on his inpatient FMS rotation in Yakima. The FMS rotation is one of our busiest, and it meant Dr Casey took his personal time to make an extra trip to help a family through a critical time.

Dr’s Fosnaugh and Pinon rearranged their schedules (with permission and a little help) so they could provide Breast and Cervical Health screening exams to patients at the Union Gospel Mission. Without their help no exams would have occurred, as UGM had no provider. Further, Dr Pinon spent an entire Saturday seeing patients at the UGM Free Clinic last month. Dr Crafts was there alone and her service to the clinic was a life saver for him.

Lastly, Dr Milambiling, working at CWFM’s Gyn clinic, stayed late on a Friday evening to see a patient who could not get off her job until after 5 pm. This ensured a woman with an abnormal Pap smear without access to care received appropriate diagnostic testing.

These are just a few of the many services our learners provide throughout our healthcare systems in Ellensburg and Yakima. Thank you to the staff that are there for those late evenings and to help juggle schedules. Without the team it would be much more difficult to provide these good deeds.

Russell Maier, MD
Program Director