Newsletter November 2016

Posted on November 3, 2016 in Monthly Newsletters


Russell Maier – Residency Program Director

Each year I give an annual update to our medical staff. I cover some of the highlights of our past year, and a preview of changes for next year. Here is a synopsis of what I’ll present.

Our residency program is going strong, with full accreditation from the ACGME and, new this year, Osteopathic Recognition. At this point in time we have trained and graduated 138 physicians.

One core areas of service include our inpatient family medicine service, which provides equal coverage to both Regional and Memorial, as well as caring for our patient at KVH in Ellensburg. This past year we admitted over 2100 patients, almost 1/8th of these medical back-up patients. Looking back over time this is a significant drop in our MBU volume.

In addition to the FMS service, the resident OB service cares for our patients, moms and babies, at Memorial and the Ellensburg residents and faculty care for all our patients of any age at KVH. At the Yakima and Ellensburg clinics the residents provide about 1/3 of the patient visits.

New faculty since my last report include Kevin Walsh, MD in Ellensburg, and Meg MacLeod, MD, Katina Rue, DO, Patrick Vigil MD, PhD in Yakima. Departing faculty this past year include Debra Gould, MD, MPH and Kirk Strosahl, PhD

As part of CHCW, CWFM-R continues to provide access to the underserved, increase the number of family physicians, and works toward improving access for all in Central Washington and the region. We’re proud to help with CHCW’s mission of service and education.

Russell Maier, MD
Residency Director