Newsletter March 2018

Posted on February 23, 2018 in Uncategorized


Russell Maier – Residency Program Director

One year ago this month I wrote about politics.  Many of us note that some things never seem to change; one of those being Congress doesn’t get anything done.  Funding for 40% of the residency was, note the past tense, one of those issues.  I wrote last March that as distasteful as politics may be to some, it is vital in a democracy to remain engaged.  At CHCW we did remain engaged, and optimistic.  Optimistic as training new family physicians in Central Washington is a bipartisan issue – all of Washington State’s federal representatives to congress support this funding.  So just in case you missed it, Congress worked together to pass a budget, and Teaching Health Center funding for the next two years passed – educationally, we look to be in good shape for the next two years. Your vote and participation does make a direct difference – just look at all the good we do with 12 additional residents.


I also want to update folks on some changes within the faculty.  Dr. Many, who joined us one year ago as our first medical educator, helped us move forward on several curricular items.  However, her interest in research and teaching has led her to move to PNWU as Director of Graduate Medical Education. She will be assisting Dr. Brandon Isaacs with program oversite for all PNWU affiliated GME programs across the 5 state region. She will also be working with the university research department in the development of clinical research. She will still work part time with the residency program in a shared role with them.  Finally, Dr. Caitlin Hill, who started in December, will take on our obstetrical curriculum.  She was hired to be primarily clinical, yet so enjoyed teaching learners during her obstetrical fellowship training that she has stepped forward to help to lead the obstetrical teaching of our residents. So please congratulate Drs. Hill, Many.




Russell Maier, MD

Program Director