Newsletter April 2017

Posted on April 5, 2017 in Monthly Newsletters


Russell Maier – Residency Program Director

As our coaches with Ignite note, change is inevitable.  Over the next year we hope to hire several new providers, a good change.  In the past, every physician hired in Ellensburg and at CWFM was a core faculty member.

Historically, CHCW was one clinic and all the providers were essentially the same.  The family physicians all did OB and precepted residents in clinic.  Dr Pearson and the family docs all took call and covered the hospital.  Much has changed.  By June all those physician faculty except for Dr Pearson and myself will have retired or left clinical practice.  Dr Lemp leaves us at the end of June to work solely at PNWU, and will be missed.  Currently our faculty are quite diverse – some only do hospital work, some only are in the clinic, some do OB and some don’t, some do inpatient medicine and some don’t, and a few still work in the clinic as well as do inpatient medicine and deliver babies. It used to take one brief phrase to describe all faculty.

There’s been just a bit of change over nearly 14 years.  We now have a remodeled CWFM clinic and soon to follow are Yakima Peds and Ellensburg.  Demand for our services has increased, and at the same time our space to meet that demand has grown.  We now need folks who are primarily providers and not core faculty.  But our mission is service and education.  All our sites do education, and so at a basic level all our providers are teachers.

With this increase in hired clinicians we’ll see a change in the term ‘faculty’.  We will still have core faculty responsible for advising residents, working on curriculum, and the day to day running of the residency program, but we will be seeing more clinical faculty who teach our residents, but don’t have any other core residency duties.  Our best current examples are Dr Bauer in Naches who works with the FM residents in the hospital and our Yakima Pediatrics pediatricians who work with the resident physicians from Children’s.  Going forward we will see more clinical faculty at CWFM and Ellensburg.

Change is good.  I’m glad to have left adolescence behind.  But change can also create some confusion.  That’s when I fall back on our mission – Service and Education.  It provides clarity for our daily work.  Everyone in our organization, no matter their title, has two roles: caring for our patients and teaching.  The new providers working with our residents will teach, but they will primarily provide patient care in their daily job.

Russell Maier, MD

Program Director