Judy Harvey, MD
Family Medicine

Posted on May 16, 2014 in Faculty



Indiana University School of Medicine.

Practice Experience:
Central Washington Family Medicine 2003. Full spectrum Family Medicine at Family Medicine of Yakima from 2003 to 2011.

Length of time in the medical field:
Since 2000.

Length of time with CWFM:
Since 2011

Philosophy of Care:
I explore healthy lifestyle with my patients and together we find the best personal fit. Medicines are used to mitigate disease, but health doesn’t come from a pill.

Medical Interests:
Obstetrics, Diabetes Management, Parenting Skills.

Clubs / Organizations:
I am on the operating committee of Signal Health Accountable Care Organization.

Special professional interests:
Obstetrics, healthy lifestyles/healthy communities. I firmly  believe that I cannot make people healthy, but I can help them find the tools to find their own health.

Hiking, bike riding, conservation, cooking from scratch, growing my own food, hiking with dogs, critical review of medical literature.

Length of time in the area:
Since 2000.

I don’t offer health care, I provide medical care. Health is  a state of being  that I hope to help people find.

Ask to see pics of my grandkids and dogs!